Just Gettin' Some Learnin'

The other day I noticed that Carson was having a very rare moment of being quiet and sitting in one place.  I had to sneak up and check out what he was doing...

...my darling boy was just getting some learnin' on his own.  Just teachin' himself to write the word C-A-T and F-O-X.

He has always loved doing his 'homework' and is looking sooo forward to starting kindergarten.  Just 13 days!  I am excited and sad at the same time.  I will get so much more done!  But I won't have my little monkey sitting behind me in my desk chair (LITERALLY behind me IN my desk chair).  I will be so lonely.  :(

Tomorrow we go to the boys school to get their school supplies and their spirit day t-shirts.  I'm beginning to smell fall in the air!  I'll be dreaming of pumpkin spice candles and Halloween decorations tonight!

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