A Big Day for Demi

Demi had her Holiday Choir Concert last night, and BONUS!  She got her braces off yesterday.  Doesn't she look so pretty.  :-)

Sorry for the bad quality pictures.  My little camera was zooming as much as it could and it gets grainy.

The boys were intent on getting a video of the performance with Carson's new birthday present - his LeapFrog LeapPad.  He had just opened it because yesterday was his 6th birthday!  He LOVES his LeapPad.

I couldn't stop taking pictures of Demi and her new straight teeth!

After the performance they had refreshments.  Carson was so excited. 

It's finally chilly!  It was a festive night because of the cold weather.
Klein Collins High School.  Hard to believe that in less than 3 years Demi will be going here.

Getting in the car is always an adventure.  Fighting over who opens the door first, who gets in first, what movie to watch, who sits where, who gets to play with the LeapPad, etc, etc, etc...


We Only Wear Plaid Shorts In Our Family...

Just Gettin' Some Learnin'

The other day I noticed that Carson was having a very rare moment of being quiet and sitting in one place.  I had to sneak up and check out what he was doing...

...my darling boy was just getting some learnin' on his own.  Just teachin' himself to write the word C-A-T and F-O-X.

He has always loved doing his 'homework' and is looking sooo forward to starting kindergarten.  Just 13 days!  I am excited and sad at the same time.  I will get so much more done!  But I won't have my little monkey sitting behind me in my desk chair (LITERALLY behind me IN my desk chair).  I will be so lonely.  :(

Tomorrow we go to the boys school to get their school supplies and their spirit day t-shirts.  I'm beginning to smell fall in the air!  I'll be dreaming of pumpkin spice candles and Halloween decorations tonight!


Cassette Tapes

So cool.  Made out of paper and legos. How do people have the time and patience?